Estate Agents & Letting Agents

Some may regard this app as gimicky. We think it will redefine how we search for property. We focus on people on the move.

How many times have you seen a property and wondered “I wonder how much that sold for?” – or perhaps you see a For Sale sign and wonder “how much that is selling for?” – well no need to start searching through cumbersome filters and searches on existing property apps, just launch ours – the data will be overlayed onto the screen*

So, what can we do to tempt you to start using our app – lets list some of the features we think will benefit you, the estate agent.

No Contracts/No Subscriptions

We offer a simple pay as you go service, with discounts available for bulk uploading of multiple properties. No contracts. No subscriptions. Just upload your property details, we’ll handle the rest and send through an invoice. Job done.

Totally self Managed

Once you have signed up to our service (free of course), just use our template to upload you property details. They will be live immediately. No really, they’ll be live immediately! Problems? – Just reach out to us, we’ll get in touch and lend a helping hand.

Just the Facts ma’am

We just need the basic information of the properties you are uploading – if customers want more details on the property, it will redirect to YOUR website – lets give your own site some exposure!

No setup, sign up, or admin fees

Nothing more to add here!

No cost to download the app

This is a free app, no one has to pay for it. Our income is purely based on the properties you upload. Free apps will attract more customers to use it – more customers, more exposure of the properties you have uploaded, more exposure of your brand

Great features for customers

Whilst we have a lot of similar data to other property apps, its how we use it and present it that sets us apart – that is the appeal to customers, features include:-

1. We simply overlay data on screen No Menus, No filters, no cumbersome navigation
2. We include council tax rate data for all properties. The actual Council Tax rate, including band – not national average data – much more value
3. We include Crime data but compare it against the customers home post code – we think a comparison of crime data between the potential property and the customers current home has far more value than national averages
4. We include School Data – Just the basics for now, but we plan to develop further – Our App will list nearby schools and their contact details
5. Historical Price data – we show previous sold prices on screen – if the property is currently for sale or rent, we remove all historical data – lets focus on selling the property, not what it previously sold for.


If you are a Letting Agent, you can use this service too – it is no different than Estate Agents – except it shows the Per Calendar Month (PCM) cost

*providing we have valid data as supplied to us from the Land Registry or Estate Agent

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